Just got back from catching up on cultural events (i.e., Summer and I saw the new Star Wars movie in a morning matinee) and immediately have a bunch of stuff to cover on the DL in a few hours, specifically—

Timothy George demonstrates why the “Academy” is leading the largest portion of its adherents and followers astray regarding the gospel, the Scriptures, and Rome. His comments on Benedict XVI are classic, and we need to look at them.

Patrick Madrid reminds me once again that I should never, ever expect a modicum of fairness out of Rome’s apologists. Silly me! Envoy’s editor makes it plain that all Protestant apologists are fair game: go ahead and insult your opponent’s mother, as long as it helps Rome. Well done, Patrick, well done. More truth-twisting from Madrid to be documented on the program.

And of course we will drop everything to hear from Xavier and the band from Envoy if they would like to try to explain how the One True Church is defended by throwing mud like a child of three. Remember, that phone number is still toll free, 877-753-3341.

UPDATE: Well, went a little long today, but reviewed the George article and then the Madrid materials. Interesting insights into how Rome’s popularist apologists function. Here’s the program.

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