Did another Jumbo Edition of the DL, starting off with a review of a William Lane Craig response to an inquiry, found here. Reviewed that wild and zany philosophy of Molinism, etc. Then briefly responded to an Ijaz Muhammad article, here, and then spent the last 45 minutes finishing up Yusuf Ismail’s rebuttal to William Lane Craig, which took longer than expected since it was one of those fast moving “machine gun” things where two dozen new topics are shot out at random (something I hope we can encourage folks NOT to do during the series of debates in South Africa in early October).

By the way, a correction/confession regarding the program. I realized today that I have, in fact, listened to Yusuf Ismail’s presentation on the crucifixion, and what is worse, even mentioned it, albeit briefly, on the DL. I had listened to his encounter with Mike Licona a few months ago, and had even at the time noted that Sami Zaatari had pretty much followed his line in our debate in London. My error in not connecting all the names and debates together properly.

Also, I did run the numbers as promised on the program: my book on the Qur’an is, in fact, longer than the Qur’an itself (88,000 words versus approximately 78,000 words). A trivial fact that I still find somewhat humorous.

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