Started off with a bit of a discussion about apologetic and cultural presuppositions, and then went to the phones. First caller out of the box was James, a Roman Catholic, who clearly had a particular formulaic approach he has used to attempt to show Protestants the errors of their ways. We went back and forth for 25 minutes, and the final outcome was pretty clear: God-centered gospel vs. man-centered gospel, gospel as defined by Scripture vs. gospel as defined by Rome. I bet some think he was a set up to illustrate exactly what I was saying last week, but he wasn’t. Well worth the listen.

I was going to attempt to do a Skype DL from Cincinnati Friday morning, but I think wisdom would have me focus on the preaching and ministerial duties I have that day. Thursday is going to be a very long travel day, so we will just need to get back in the “rhythm” next week!

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