I was only going to discuss Matthew Vine’s “Gay Christian” presentation for the first hour, but since we were in the middle of the biblical discussion, I went ahead and continued, so we did a full two hours on the subject, covering Genesis 19, Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, and starting into Romans 1. I am hearing from a lot of folks that these programs are helping them in the discussions that are inevitably arising due to the discussion of homosexuality, the redefinition of marriage, etc., in Western culture.

Speaking of which, I am sure everyone is noticing that “he who frames the debate wins the debate” being fulfilled this very morning in the media in the US. The passing of Amendment 1 in North Carolina (don’t worry, the Federal government will over-turn all these silly, backwards states over time), which affirms and defines marriage in the only logical, rational, historical, moral, ethical, biological, and, of course, Christian way, as the union of one man and one woman, is almost universally being identified as a “banning of gay marriage.” Instead of the positive affirmation of serious and thoughtful morality and ethics that is rooted deeply in our history and culture, the main stream media in general has identified the amendment as anti-gay bigotry, etc., never, ever considering the deep bigotry and bias that is inherent in the homosexual movement. The issue is almost always framed in such a way as to paint the moral stance as negative and bigoted, and to put those who would resist the redefinition of marriage on the defensive. It is so obvious and yet the majority of our fellow citizens seem to ignore the reality.


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