I had not intended, at all, to discuss it, but I got into the following quotation:

First, as I wrote in my book, How to Win the War Against Radical Islam, the war against the Muslim Jihadists will be long and costly and will not be won until we bomb the Kabah in Mecca. Islam is based on a brick and mortar building that can be destroyed. They pray to that building five times a day, make a pilgrimage to it, run around it, kiss a black rock on the wall, then run between two hills and finally throw rocks at a pillar. What if that building, the Kabah, was destroyed? They could not pray to it or make a pilgrimage to it. The old pagan temple of the moon-god, al-ilah, is the Achilles’ heel of Islam. Destroy it and you destroy Islam’s soul. [ Reference ]

I discussed how I had been twice asked about this viewpoint while traveling and speaking, and how it had struck me as the single stupidest suggestion I had ever heard. I had shown it no mercy when asked, and honestly in the five minutes before the program started I happened across an article in my RSS feeds that identified its source: Robert Morey. Well, as little as I want conflict with Bob Morey, I could not help but point out the quote and express my ardent feelings about it. At least I’m consistent. So I gave a little background on the reasons why I have never read a Bob Morey book on Islam (I read his much older book on death and the afterlife, and parts of his book on atheism as well) and why I have never used him as a source. I discussed the “Moon God” theory a bit as well, and then took calls, the first of which was on what “moderate Islam” is, the second on Shai Linne’s song on particular redemption:

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