A two-part program with no phone calls—not because no one called (two folks did), but because I opened a second tab in Safari and forgot to switch back to the phone control tab, so I did not even see that there were callers! So much for my vaunted infallibility (as if I had ever claimed it!). Anyway, two portions to the program: first half a review of William Lane Craig and Kevin Harris talking about developments in Mormonism, and their view that you don’t call Mormons to repent of following a false prophet and come to the true and living God. No, the approach you should use is to encourage them to be…a little less heretical. In fact, we were told that we should help them to find ways to “finesse” the teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young so that, well, they can still be “Mormon” but be more “orthodox” in the process! An incredible discussion.
   Then I played the comments of Joseph M. Holden and Brian Brodersen regarding 1 John 5:1, 2:29, and 4:7, in their most concerted effort offered so far to defend their man-centered synergism. Here’s the program.

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