Yesterday I managed to sneak in a Skype-aided Dividing Line from my room here in Hilo, Hawaii. We discussed a variety of issues, including the Sandra Fluke controversy, the wild-eyed attacks on Kirk Cameron for daring to be a Christian in the United States today, etc. Then we discussed the continuation of the Great Evangelical Coverup with another example of how Ergun Caner has to sneak around to speak at willing churches these days. Then we looked at this wild-eyed attack on Reformed theology and in this case, John Piper. Then we took a call on apologetic methodology.

By the way, I’ve been informed since the program that the “Vox Day” fellow noted above is actually Theodore Beale. His wikipedia page (shudder) notes a few interesting facts about him, but likewise asserts he is an open theist, which would explain the wild, intemperate, and simply heretical language found in the above linked article. If the information is true (and you can never know with wikipedia), it says volumes.

In any case, I will be leaving Hilo in the morning, heading to Honolulu. I have truly enjoyed my time on the Big Island and with the people of Berean Bible Church. I would like to thank the pastor and elders for all their work in putting together the conference, and to those who sacrificed their time to cook and do all the other things that go into these events as well. And to the brother who lent me his bike for the week, many thanks indeed! Today I rode out the Stainback Highway, and took the picture you see here. It just goes up, and up, and up! Where you see the road turning to the left up at the horizon, the grade, according to my Garmin 800 computer, hit 14%! If you aren’t a rider, well…that’s steep. Managed to get in 102 miles with over 6,000 ft. of ascent over the past few days. I will always remember getting to ride in Hawaii, and truly hope to get back here again someday to tackle Saddle Road!

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