Had a brief “conversation” on Twitter today. Trying to discuss topics like this with 140 character limits is often frustrating, but, sometimes, challenging in a good way. Started with the following question:

Hey Doc, listening to stuff on WLCraig. can you explain the dif between some Calvt’s “best of all poss worlds” vs molinism?
I replied: Molinism: God is constrained by counter-factuals that He did not create; Bible: God creates all according to His good pleasure.
Follow up question: So can we say something like “God created the world that would bring Him the most glory”?
My reply: God created the world that displayed His glory, holiness, justice, wrath, grace, and love, in the way that pleased Him most.
Conversation concludes: Very nicely put. Thanks Doc, looking forward to the next DL. God bless.

I will have more to say about it next week, but we are on for London in the second half of February, 2010, the week before and after the weekend of the 20th and 21st. Looking at trying to arrange to be with Justin Brierley, try to arrange a visit to Revelation TV again, and at least two debates, apart from preaching and speaking at Trinity Chapel in London. But, once again, I am somewhat inviting myself, so please consider helping me make it to London.
Friday evening, October 23rd I will be making a presentation in the LA area, not far from Biola, titled “Theology Matters.” In two parts I will be speaking on the biblical doctrine of God’s sovereignty over against man-made philosophical substitutes, and then on how this vitally important truth impacts evangelism and apologetics. I will post details next week, Lord willing, as to location and time.

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