Following up on this post I have now uploaded all the lectures and Q&A sessions from the 2012 Spring Theology Conference that GPTS held each year.

To listen to the lectures click here.

Titles and speakers are as follows:
“Princeton Beginnings (Archibald Alexander)”, Dr. James Garretson
“Samuel Miller’s Pastoral Theology”, Mr. Andrew Webb
“Princeton and the Old Testament”, Dr. Benjamin Shaw
“Scripture, Inerrancy, and the Role of Reason”, Dr. Paul K. Helseth
“Princeton and Missions”, Dr. Tony Curto
“Ecclesiology: The Hodge / Thornwell Exchange”, Dr. C.N. Willborn
“19th Century Crosscurrents: Hodge, Finney & Nevin”, Dr. Darryl Hart
“Princeton and Evolution/Creation”, Joseph Pipa (reading Dr. Fred Zaspel’s paper)
“Biblical Rationale for a Reformed Seminary”, Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr
“Theological Assessment of B. B. Warfield”, Dr. Carl Trueman
“Machen and the End of Old Princeton”, Dr. Darryl Hart

Three volumes that maybe of interest, which arrived (new) the day of the conference are these two works and this volume.

This book by Fred Zaspel was moved a head of schedule to make it to our conference in time.

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