The more I have pondered William Lane Craig’s presentation of and promotion of Molinism the more deeply grieved I have become at its grossly unbiblical nature. The presentation of God as a cosmic super-computer, running the numbers, examining the “possible worlds” presented to Him by His “middle knowledge” of what free creatures would do in any given circumstance, is so totally opposed to the free kingly authority of Yahweh to create as He sees fit for His Triune majesty that it cannot help but grieve any one who sees the damage this sub-biblical philosophy masquerading as theology does. But if I am grieved at the damage it does, I am truly amazed at the praise its opponents can heap upon it as a system. PB directed me to a comment recently posted by WLC that is relevant:

Once you grasp the concept of middle knowledge, Lucy, I think you’ll find it astonishing in its subtlety and power. Indeed, I’d venture to say that it is one of the most fruitful theological concepts ever conceived. I’ve applied it to the issues of Christian particularism, perseverance of the saints, and biblical inspiration; Tom Flint has used it to analyze papal infallibility and Christology, and Del Ratzsch has employed it profitably in evolutionary theory.

Isn’t it great? You can apply it to anything! It is the best device ever devised by the mind of man to twist anything and everything in Scripture! Just run it through the Molinism filter and look at what comes out—philosophy created in the image of man! It’s great!

Oh may God by His Spirit continue to drive men to their knees before His awesome sovereign power, and in so doing expose all the vain attempts men propose to draw a veil across His glory.

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