Chris Date works fast, and he has already posted the audio from tonight’s debate with Patrick Navas on the Deity of Christ. You can download directly, or, as most will probably want to do, you can subscribe to the podcast (like many do with the Dividing Line). Listeners can subscribe by going here and clicking one of the “Subscribe” buttons, or they can find the show by searching for “Theopologetics” in iTunes , the Zune Marketplace, or by direct RSS feed.

For tonight’s debate (in two parts):

Part 1 is in episode 67, “Firstborn of Creation,” available here.

Part 2 is in episode 68, “The Great I Am,” available here.

I appreciate Chris Date’s patience in setting this up. I was often traveling, often slow in responding to e-mails, and obviously focused elsewhere. I hope the encounter is useful to God’s people, edifying to the saints, and glorifying to the Triune God who made us and sustains us.

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