So I just got an email from the promoters of the 1946 Movie—the film that has face-planted, badly, since its “release” months ago. For some reason, its producers have kept it next to impossible to actually see, and, having seen it myself, I know why (it’s horrible). They are doing a “2024 Road Tour.” In their own words, they are going to use the film “as a tool for civic engagement and to drive voter registration for the 2024 election.” Yes, of course! Must promote degeneracy in the culture! They go on, “The primary objective of these assemblies is to activate the audience to vote as we advocate for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community, standing up for democracy and promoting equality for everyone.” Just in case you thought these folks were just producing a film based upon actually dealing with the Bible.

What is not surprising at all is that there doesn’t seem to be any interest on their part in engaging with those who have pointed out their many, many errors. I would think, if they actually believe that they have produced a “sustainable narrative of compassion founded on research, history, and facts” (again from the email), that they would be eager to engage those of us who have publicly refuted the claims they make in their film. But, alas, they have no such interest. And, we all know why. They know, from Sharon Roggio on down, that their claims would collapse in a moderated, public debate. And so, they go on with their “road trip,” fully aware that they are incapable of defending their claims. As we must remind ourselves all through June, there is a day of judgment coming, and, someday, truth and justice will be clearly vindicated.

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