Church, as we get the opportunity to testify as to why we are meeting to worship Christ, let’s stand on the right foundation. This isn’t because “this is just really important to us,” because some of our fellow citizens are just as dedicated to their sports (sometimes moreso!) or other such activities. No, that may be a valid argument against government over-reach and abuse, but that’s not the foundation we need to stand upon.

When Paul stood before the worldly-wise and powerful in Athens he brought his teaching to the point that he knew would cause pandemonium, but that is necessary for Christian proclamation: “because God has fixed a day in which He will judge the entire world in righteousness by means of a Man He has appointed, having furnished proof to all men by raising that Man from the dead.” There is much to be said about that verse, but, for now, the point is this: Jesus is the Man appointed to stand as Judge of every man, and that includes the judges and officials of every kingdom, every government. Every governor, every mayor, every police chief, every attorney general, will stand before this Man, this Risen Man, this one who is Lord of all, and will give an answer.

When we are asked why we must meet, the answer is simple: Jesus commands it. His Word commands it. When we gather at the Supper we proclaim His death until He comes. We sing “He is Lord!” We show the world we bow before Him, serve Him, submit to Him. There has to be clear, truthful, unambiguous reason for us to not be meeting, like the Black Death or Ebola or the like, and none of that is the case in this situation by any meaningful analysis of the information. So let’s give a strong, even a startling, answer to the world: we meet because we are servants of the one who will judge the living and the dead, the one before whom everyone will someday take a knee, not in disrespect, but in complete submission!

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