I was just thinking about the large, portable (sorta) dual-cassette tape recorder/player we had donated to us about, oh, 1984 or so. You could dub one tape to another at “high speed” (probably 2x). For years we bought file folder labels at the office products store and typed, on a typewriter, the title of our tapes, whether they were Dividing Line programs, debates (once we started doing them in 1990) or presentations. That’s how we got the word out until we had the funds to buy a serious duplicator that produced, as I recall, three tapes at once.

I added up the total downloads the Dividing Line, our debates, seminars, conferences, etc., currently have listed on YouTube and SermonAudio (hence, not including, historically, all those tapes, and eventually VHS tapes and CDs and DVDs, or any other electronic means people use today to access our materials). 39,900,000. Almost 40 million. I immediately thought of that dual cassette player and smiled. I could not have imagined back then. But we can’t get too comfortable—I believe we will be returning to the modern version (a jump drive) sent through mail, or, more likely, surreptitiously passed from hand to hand in a busy location where everyone will be wearing masks and goggles.

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