P. Andrew Sandlin linked to this article. It may honestly be one of the most miserably stupid things I have read this year, which, given this is 2020, is saying a great deal. It is historically laughable, and there isn’t a thimble-full of intelligent reasoning to be found in its words. I hope my estimation of its value is clear?

But I want you to mainly note the author bio. You may have to copy it and put it in a text file since wacko Z-gen people think light grey on white is cool (when it is actually unreadable). In any case, “Cayde” is the author of this short expression of irrationality and racist foolishness. Cayde is somehow the father of two children, which means he must in some fashion recognize the gender binary (shameful!). But he “spends his time creating and disseminating educational materials for schools.” Oh, that’s wonderful. A great reason to home school once again while you still can (and even when the gov’t says you can’t). But what kind of materials are these? Materials that “help kids understand why protecting animals and LGBTQIA+ rights is so important.”

And here is the point of my barbed commentary: this man is as religious as the JW’s at your door. The Mormon missionaries on their bikes. Any Southern Baptist missionary on the mission field. Any of us handing out tracts on the street. Secularism is a religion. It creates zealots. Idolaters. Animal rights and the alpha-bet soup of sexual immorality—and you can bet he is as committed to abortion as he is these issues as well. It’s the sacrament of his religion. Do not let the culture continue to say these folks are neutral, their opinions simply the result of “science.” And never underestimate their dedication to their religion. But remember: their religion requires them to silence the Christian faith, and they will do everything in their power to accomplish their goal.

I should add, in light of Dr. Tim Keller’s lecture to us all about “demonization of the other side,” that placing animals on the same level of humans would be, biblically, demonic, would it not? And that each and every letter in the LGBTQIA+ moniker is likewise…demonic, is it not, theologically speaking? What is the source of the “T” for example? Is it not demonic as well? So I am left wondering if these thoughts are somehow in opposition to the BEC (Big Eva Confession)? Still looking for guidance on that.

N.B. I originally wrote this as an FB article. I chose not to post it there for the simple and obvious reason that I would be banned from FB for so doing, unquestionably. But I can post a link!

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