By now we have all seen the disgusting video of the Portland thug kicking a man unconscious—a man already traumatized by being attacked by the mob of criminals (these are not protestors, they are criminals and revolutionaries, enemies of the nation). The cowardly thug, even if he were to be arrested, would, of course, be released and never prosecuted. The mob has taken over the official positions of power, just as the Brown Shirts brought terror and the eventual reign of the Nazis in Germany only 90 some odd years ago (no one studies history anymore). He is just an ignorant low-life acting out his evil and sin—the officials who enable him, however, who hand-cuff the police and destroy justice—they are the ones who are truly guilty of this injustice and evil.

The current revolutionary movement in the United States pretends that if we just get rid of “oppression” and “systemic injustice,” rid ourselves of the police and authority, mankind will live in perfect peace and harmony. That thug that kicked the man in the face, possibly injuring him for life, only did that because he (the young man) has been oppressed by systemic injustice. Remove the injustice (i.e., pay him money), and all will be well! The hatred that flows from his actions and words will all of a sudden vanish! His foul mouth (the left cannot get through a sentence these days it seems without at least three ‘f-bombs’) will become sweetness and light, spreading peace and encouragement!

We all know this is absurdly foolish, but it is what has been being pushed from the lecterns of our universities now for decades. The fruit is now clear for us all to see. But Christians dare not miss what all of this means. This movement is definitionally anti-Christian. How so? Well, on pretty much every level, but my focus here is an easy one: the Cross would be unnecessary if Utopia lives in the heart of man. If the current theories (drawn from Marxism) are true, and mankind does evil simply because his basic “needs” (more often, truly, “wants”) have not been met, he has been oppressed, someone has more then he has in material goods or opportunities, etc., then the Cross was a cosmic-level mistake, a grand error on the part of God Himself. There is no need for sacrifice, no need for reconciliation, no need for God’s law to be fulfilled. A new heart? A new mind? Radically false, says Marx. A new house and a new car with more income will do! Social justice has no room for cosmic justice, utopia has no place for sacrifice and reconciliation. Regeneration is a concept that at its heart cannot be allowed to stand in the world of Marx and Darwin. That world has completely captured the left in the United States, and the resultant mayhem, murder, and evil in our streets is, theologically, the result.

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