I just saw that Dr. Stratton just posted a further video in the “we won’t listen to the other side but will accuse the other side of not listening” saga that, personally, I’m finished with. But I wanted to note the description which, I assume, comes from Dr. Stratton directly:

First, there was nothing in the structure of my discussion with Bill Craig that kept him from explaining the origin and source of middle knowledge. He simply does not believe the question is relevant based upon “truth making maximalism” not being a philosophical position he holds. My response was that since this is the key element of the entire claim of Molinism, and since it is what allows the Molinist to limit God’s freedom to a set of “feasible worlds” determined not by God’s freedom but by this very data set, the Christian philosopher must go beyond such a response and explain the origin of this knowledge. So far, Molinists, including Stratton and the rest, have failed to provide an answer that is consistent with the Biblical doctrine of creation.

Second, Dr. Craig straw-manned my position in the discussion by pretending that I am saying that Reformed theology can be “simply” read from the text of Scripture. I refuted this straw-man in the dialogue. My assertion (which really does seem to be completely foreign to the thinking and experience of Molinists in general) is that sound theology is derived not from a simplistic reading of Scripture, but from a full and deep reading of all of Scripture. It is founded in sola scriptura and tota scriptura, Scripture as the sole infallible rule of faith for the church, and the reading and acceptance of all of Scripture. So, I have given examples, looking at the Scripture’s references to the divine decree, for example, and walking through Colossians 1 and Christ’s role as Creator. These are doctrines that derive from Holy Writ, not by a simplistic reading, but by a full and deep and obedient reading. But despite making that correction in the discussion, and then expanding upon it in my responses to Stratton, note the video description: “White claims Calvinism — unlike Molinism — is derived straight from Scripture.”

Now, if, by some chance, these gentlemen, in this video, actually take up the necessary demonstration of the central claim of Molinism by using the same methods we use to establish, say, the deity of Christ, or the resurrection, from the pages of Holy Writ, someone needs to let me know and I’ll invest the time. But till then, we are just filling Google’s servers with unnecessary data.

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