Emotional manipulation is a powerful weapon, and it has been used to fundamentally end the experiment in liberty begun in the 18th century in what became the United States.

A lot of things had to be accomplished to bring about this end, to be sure. For example, you had to fundamentally change how the population viewed mankind, moving from a responsible creature of God to a random cosmic accident made up of fizzing chemicals and star dust.

That allowed you to change the very definitions of freedom and liberty, as well as law. Vital preparation.

You had to establish an educational system that existed specifically to break down the family and break down the cohesion that comes from a shared worldview. That may have been the most spectacular success in hindsight of the anti-US revolution.

But one front I never saw coming was the establishment of “safeism” as the orthodox religion of the people. It is still hard for me to believe that Americans—the people who went to the Moon, the people who stormed Normandy and Iwo Jima in defense of liberty, would so easily and quickly become quivering, crying cowards hiding in their basements and turning others in to the authorities for daring to not be as petrified and panicked as they NEED to be. That one I really did not see coming, I will admit.

This new emotionalism banished critical thought, logic, and rationality, and hence any kind of meaningful public discourse. Panicked people do not think with the critical portions of their brains. This is established scientific fact. Which basically means that if you have been regularly listening to CNN and MSNBC, part of your brain is MIA and may never be functional again.

Take Covid. Mankind has lived for a very long time with all sorts of respiratory illnesses floating about. Some are quite deadly, and very transmissible. But, we still went on with our lives and took responsibility for ourselves and our loved ones, fully aware of the normal dangers of life on planet earth. We played sports and went for walks and ate at our favorite restaurants never once thinking we were “killing grandma” by so doing.

There is now an assumption in our society that has been accepted without question: we have to have ZERO Covid infections. None. Nada. Zip. Anything else is just not acceptable, right? Stop for just a moment, if you still have that capacity, and think: why did we never have this extreme goal in the past with any other disease? Millions died of swine flu yet we did not respond like this. Despite the drama, Covid is not the plague. Even with the largest concentrated media effort ever conceived, all designed to turn Covid INTO the plague, they failed. Even with changing the standard from dying OF a disease to dying WITH a disease, they failed. The numbers don’t add up. Plague porn is still a lie. The number of survivors is huge, because the fatality rate is tiny. That’s just reality.

So here’s the issue: You can literally force the entire world’s population to be guinea pigs for the largest genetic experiment ever undertaken (and that is what has happened), but one thing is sure: Covid will not go away. There will never be ZERO infections. We never had that as a goal in the past for the simple reason that back then we were not being manipulated by global elites to think the impossible. Everyone knew you cannot completely eradicate a respiratory virus. Which is why you had different “flavors” of flu shots each year. It was a guess. Not a “cure.”

We focused on treatment, not eradication, because there is a difference between rubella and an airborne virus. But now there is only one goal: total eradication. And we’ve bought this, hook, line and sinker. And what comes with that goal is the stark reality that the only way to pursue such a radical goal is a global, totalitarian mandate with all the attached global, totalitarian, draconian decrees of small-minded bureaucrats and politicians surfing on the wave of emotions of the panicked Safeists produced by those pushing the Great Reset.

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