Remember, we are but mortals, seeing not even an inch in front of us into the future, and forgetting so quickly the past. We judge by the present. We judge in deep ignorance. Even three centuries of darkness would be but a brief interregnum of just judgment in God’s purposes.

What if, just perhaps, such a period will reveal with brilliant clarity the true nature of man, his deep evil, his depravity, and the reality of his creatureliness? What if it is a part of God’s eternal decree to crush every enemy under the feet of the Lord Jesus? What if man’s inhumanity to man, his technology, his atheism, his secularism, his love of rebellion and lawlessness, is put on full and rabid display with such depth and clarity and length as to become unforgettable—so that the idolatries of Darwin and Marx and Freud and their children are forever banished from the minds of the sons of men?

No matter what the limited, tiny view of our current day, no matter how dark the clouds, how victorious and invincible evil may seem—it was just as dark that Saturday night, right before the stone was rolled away, and death was defeated.

I do not know how to survive this rising tide of evil in our day. But I do not need to have those answers any more than Elijah knew the names of the 7000. The warriors of death have but a brief time in this world, for their master has been vanquished, his power broken.

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