As my readers know, I have been working very hard on the tomb story, doing the kind of background reading and research necessary to provide a sound response. But, despite the energy I have been investing, some think we are merely providing a “knee jerk” reaction. Here is an e-mail that came in last night:

Yea, okay. Let me first start out by saying. I’m no [sic] suprised [sic] at the close-minded repplies [sic] the “Christian” population is spewing from the bowls [sic? probably meant “bowels”] of ignorance. my [sic] reason for saying this? well [sic–broken caps key?] you people are close minded of course. and [sic] any notion that your words and “laws” are wrong is an insult and you point out some strong points just to cast doubt on this find. I have not 1% [sic] shred of doubt this is the tomb of Jesus. becuase [sic and sic] I know Moses started this christianity [sic] c**p [edited] and people picked up on it to be the “out-casts” to oppose the rulers of their time. It would have died out if it wasnt [sic] for the Roman Emperor ( forgot his name ) google it, he proclaimed that jesus [sic] WAS the son of the ONE true god and they all had to follow him or die. On another area of this Tomb business. Is why [sic] is it so hard to accept that its true. [sic] how [sic] incredible are the odds that this is NOT the tomb…. how many families back then would have all the names correct… honestly are you people this thick headed? wake [sic] up and accept that there is no purpose or god. we [sic] evolved and maybe yes something created us. but [sic] why the h**l [edited] would there be millions of stars and one belief? there [sic] isn’t imagine [sic] another world of intelligent people. and [sic] think of their religions. yea [sic]…. was their jesus [sic] green?

   And here I am documenting facts about inscriptions, the encratite community of Asia minor (source of The Acts of Philip), Gelasius’ condemnation thereof, and mitochondrial DNA! Goodness.

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