I must have been sent half a dozen or more links to this article in the Jerusalem Post. While it is interesting, it is nothing new. Just the media begrudgingly admitting what we were saying from the start, actually, and what I documented in From Toronto to Emmaus. Specifically, we well know that Bovon and Matheson have, from even before the airing of the film, made public comments about the misuse of their statements. Feuerverger had posted what might be called an “adjustment” of his views within the first month as scholar after scholar pointed out the misuse of his calculations by Jacobovici, just as Dr. Stamps did in my book. Pfann’s paper is discussed in the book as well, so, there is truly nothing in this article that is not noted (with the exception of the Feuerverger “adjustment”) and documented in From Toronto to Emmaus.
   What is still missing from the discussion is the data on The Acts of Philip. Given the prevalence of the use of such sources by so many enemies of the Christian faith today (need I say Gospel of Thomas yet again?) I continue to wonder why it is that almost no one is willing to call this work what it really is: a work of fourth century vegetarian fiction. This is probably due to the fact that the academy has bought into the value of resurrecting gnostic fantasies from the mid second century, and besides, one of the easiest ways to “get published,” find a dissertation topic, etc., is to promote some kind of gnostic viewpoint, so, that does not leave you in a position to describe these works for what they really are.
   In any case, I have been encouraged by the positive feed back as people have begun receiving their copies of From Toronto to Emmaus, and I continue to ask our friends to pray that God will give the book a wide audience and that it will be used as an evangelistic tool to His glory and honor.

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