With the film airing in only a few days, this item of information is very interesting. We are getting a number of very helpful e-mails, and Laurie sent us a URL with this information in it. Jacobovici discusses in the body of the book and its conclusion the work of Bellarmino Bagatti and the “necropolis” he uncovered in Jerusalem called Dominus Flevit. There is an ossuary there inscribed “Simon, son of Jonah.” Quite interesting indeed. But, what Jacobovici neglected to mention, in the chapter in the book or in the conclusion, is some of the other names found in the necropolis there in Jerusalem, including “Mary, Martha, Philo the Cyrene, Matthew, Joseph, Jesus” (source). Woops, that would not help your theory much, would it? So, that did not make it into this “carefully researched” work. One of our channel regulars did a little looking around when I mentioned this and came up with this site with documentation from Bagatti on the Peter ossuary. Just another helpful item to have ready for the Monday Morning Deluge coming your way.

UPDATE: a useful set of comments here.

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