This years GPTS conference is on the theme “Marriage, Family, and Sexuality.” Below is the list of topics and speakers:

u>Tuesday, March 8
“God’s Design for Marriage” Dr. Joseph Pipa, Jr.
“Gay Marriage: Right or Wrong” Mr. Gary Bates
*7-8:30pm (EDT) “The Maker’s Instructions” Dr. Ian Hamilton

Wednesday, March 9
“Nurturing Sexual Intimacy in Marriage” Dr. Joel Beeke
“Free at Last: Counseling Those Dominated by the Sin of Pornography” Dr. Kevin Backus
“Family Worship in the Reformed Tradition” Dr. Benjamin Shaw
*7-8:30pm (EDT) “God’s Nursery” Dr. Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.

Thursday, March 10
“Biblical Wisdom for Courtship and Marriage” Dr. Richard Phillips
“The Life and Theology of John Owen: A 400th Anniversary Appreciation” Dr. Ryan McGraw

*The two evening sessions will be broadcast live on Sermon Audion here

For further information on the conference click here


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