I am deeply disturbed to find that I am not listed on your website,  I would like to request that you fix this error as soon as possible.  I openly proclaim (like Jesus did) that repentance is absolutely central to gospel proclamation, and that there is no saving faith that is not joined with repentance.  I have often preached in public, defended in debate, and presented in published works (on the Internet and in published books, such as my volume, The God Who Justifies) that salvation is by grace through faith (sola gratia and sola fide), and that since this is solely the work of God, He is the one who grants to His elect people the gifts of BOTH faith and repentance.  Hence, never is repentance, nor faith, a human work that activates a “potential” salvation.  I fully affirm the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all of human life, and in particular, in the life of the saved, and hence would happily join the list of those identified on your website who, seemingly, likewise preach a biblical gospel.  Thank you for your attention to this oversight!


James White

Alpha and Omega Ministries


P.S.  If you need further documentation of how my position involves what you call the “repentance-salvation heresy” (a phrase that is so incredibly upside down I truly pray you will flee from promoting your position before you have to answer to God for it), please see here.


Unfortunately, while writing his post, the email bounced!  So, I am sending it to Steven Anderson.  I’m sure he will help fix the error for me!


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