So today a friend pointed out that back in January of 2010, before the Caners were exposed in the Christian blogosphere and elsewhere (Muhammad Khan had started that process earlier, but his work had not gotten our attention as yet), a little exchange took place between the brothers:


Now, remember: the Ergun Caner story presents him as a faithful, Arabic garb-wearing, prayer-rug toting practicing Muslim in high school.  “Full gear” is how Caner expressed it a number of times.  Now, we pointed out that in orthodox Sunni Islam there are two places where you are not allowed to pray: cemeteries and bathrooms.  Well, Caner said he prayed in the bathroom, something only someone “in fear of life” would be allowed to do, and Caner was not claiming to be in fear of his life, to be sure.  Anyway, one of the yearbook pictures that surfaced a while back was this one:


Hmm, could this be Caner playing a gay bartender?  Certainly looks dramatic enough!  I am sure Ergun was a fine actor in high school, to be sure.  But again, the point is, the reality of his life, and the story he told from behind the pulpit of many a church—well, the two are not in the same universe.

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