Now that we have the new website up and running, and I can blog more easily, I wish to answer the single most often asked question (FAQ) I receive: how do I read books while cycling?

Simple.  First, Kindles (not the new PaperWhites) can read most books (have to check).  Plug an audio cable into the Kindle, record to your PC or Mac (lots of free audio programs), load on your iPod, off you go.  It has to record in real time (you can choose “faster” to get it done more quickly), so you start it before you go to bed and leave it over night.

Second, for non-Kindle sources (PDF, Word, html, copying out of Logos libraries, whatever), I use TextSpeech Pro.  Just that simple.  Convert, load, listen.  There’s a Windoze version out there somewhere.  You can find it!

Now, finally, a quick post I can direct folks to for the biggest FAQ out there!  🙂

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