Advertising?  Me?  Well, sorta, I guess.  But here’s the reason:  I get lots and lots and lots of folks asking me, especially on social media, to function as an online bibliography production device.  I just don’t carry that kind of info around with me.  Sometimes I can help, but most of the time I cannot stop and do the research to produce meaningful bibliographies for folks.

When it comes to Reformed material, this again is a common request.  Well, Logos has produced a massive, and I do mean massive, collection of Reformed materials, so, basically, I don’t have to worry about producing any more of those bibliographies!  Click on the banner for a gander at a huge collection of materials, with different levels, as I understand it, allowing for differing budgetary allotments, shall we say.  For already existing Logos users especially, this could be a really helpful addition to your library.

Of course, out of fairness, for those who are not already invested in Logos, there’s always the Puritan Hard Drive, which is PDF based.  I have not compared the contents of the two offerings, but I am sure there is a good bit of overlap as well as difference.  The point is, no matter what your preferred format, we live in a day when availability is no longer the issue, at least in English speaking countries.  It’s whether we have the attention span to understand, collate, and communicate!  What is more—think of the riches we have in English that are not available in many other languages (an issue I face more and more as I am traveling around the world).

So, two resources to consider!


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