The faculty at Westminster Theological Seminary recent wrapped up a series on the topic of Inerrancy. I’ve listen to Scott Oliphint’s presentation which was very good; I’m sure the others are as well. The following topics are covered:

“Inerrancy and the New Testament use of the Old Testament”, G. K. Beale (Beale looks at Matthew’s use of Hosea in Matthew 2)

“Inerrancy and church history, 1800 to the present”, Jeffrey Jue

“Inerrancy and Science”, Vern Poythress

“Sexuality, Identity, & the Bible: My Train Wreck Conversion”, Rosaria Butterfield

“Inerrancy & Apologetics”, by Scott Oliphint

“Inerrancy: Adam & the Gospel”, Richard Gaffin

“Inerrancy and Church History (100-1800 AD)”, Carl Trueman

You can watch or listen to these lectures by clicking here.

The book Thy Word Is Still Truth: Essential Writings on the Doctrine of Scripture from the Reformation to Today may also interest you.


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