Standing in the mosque where Ahmed Deedat taught and worked, presenting John’s Christology—explaining (and defending) the deity of Christ in John 1:1, 8:58, 20:28, etc., and then asking sincere questions of the Qur’an’s understanding of the New Testament, all the while imploring the Muslims in the audience to lay aside their traditions and prejudices and to join with me in truly seeking the truth—what an incredible privilege.  First, let me thank everyone who gave so as to make this trip possible.  We are already looking toward next year and furthering the ministry here in South Africa, and we will once again depend on you to help make it happen!  No Christian has ever stood in this 140 year old mosque and proclaimed the Gospel—never.  I am still processing the whole thing.  Just amazing.

I posted a bunch of pictures on FaceBook and Twitter, as that is easier “on the fly” than doing it here, but I wanted to at least put them here on the blog as well so you can see some of the work being done here.  Everyone is asking about recordings.  Well, we had all the good intentions in the world, and even brought high capacity SD cards to try to get the footage faster, but so far we have been frustrated, once by a camera issue in the mosque in Lenasia, the other by the fact that the cameras last night were not digital (they used tape).  So, we pray for a faster turn-around time than we experienced last year, to be sure!

So here are a few pictures from the debate last night at the historic Grey Street Mosque in Durban, South Africa:



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