This informal debate took place on December 16th 2003 on the Bible Answerman Broadcast. James White faces off against Hank Hanegraaff (The Bible Answerman) and George Bryson (Calvary Chapel).

Confronted with numerous bible passages against his philosophical position George Bryson avoids interacting with the passages and simply repeats conundrums while making a number of his own dogmatic assertions. At one point Hank even states the charge of avoidance directly to him while stating that James had repeatedly exegeted them with no response. This debate is filled with the very things that Hank decries: dogmatic assertions, philosophical constructs and broad sweeping generalities. James White is the only one who repeatedly works toward appealing to and rightly dividing the scripture. It is a perfect example of how modern defenders of Libertarian Free Will run away from scripture to the arms of philosophical conundrum in order to defend their positions.

Dr. White did a follow up DL to this show. Follow the link below to listen.

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