I’ve been receiving a fair number of links to the claims being made by Theodore Shoebat, son of Walid Shoebat.  It seems the Shoebats see themselves as defenders of “the Catholic Church,” however they define that term (one of the main problems I am seeing in their claims).  In any case, I was sent a link to his video on Islam as a form of Protestantism:

We will start out with this one first, and then move on to one where Mr. Shoebat grossly distorts (nothing new here!) my view on theodicy, just like Bob Enyart and George Bryson (please don’t faint!).  You can find that one here:

Now, as you can see from these videos, Mr. Shoebat is not a linear thinker.  He jumps from topic to topic.  He makes connections that are not to be found in the words or intentions of the person with whom he is dialoguing.  As such I would imagine he is a pretty difficult person to dialogue with, to be sure!  And given the language he used in corresponding with Sam Shamoun recently, well, let’s say I won’t be looking to arrange any kinds of interactions soon. But the issues are important, and worth examining.

We have scheduled Thursday’s Dividing Line for 6pm EDT, so join us then as we examine these claims by Theodore Shoebat!


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