Walid Shoebat thinks your good works can somehow satisfy the holiness of God.  Or that is the conclusion one is forced to come to in reading this rambling, often irrelevant, but still important article he posted on his website.  Responding to a brief portion of a recent Dividing Line (and may I thank Walid for posting that segment, for many have commented on how any fair hearing of what I said serves as its own refutation of Shoebat’s comments) Shoebat shows what happens when you de-emphasize the centrality of the Gospel and elevate Christian nationalism and militancy, just as happened to Romanism during the Crusades.  Given that the Shoebats are promoting a new form of Crusaderism in our day, this raises important issues.  I dashed off a quick screen flow video this morning before church (below), and, of course, will be responding more fully on the Dividing Line.  But once again—for Christianity, there is only one way to find peace with God, and it is not Jesus PLUS anything else.  Theology matters, and Walid Shoebat proves it.


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