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A Further Comment on One of Dave Armstrong’s Arguments

TurretinFan is providing responses to a series of arguments put forward by Dave Armstrong. In today’s installment TurretinFan was responding to this argument: Is every Christian in the world able to find enough time, and become educated enough and familiar enough with Scripture to be his own theologian? And if he consults other ones, wise […]

More Quotable Sippo (and Dave Armstrong Again)

   The following appears in the context of a discussion of the semantic domain and meanings of δικαιόω (justify, declare righteous). Sippo opines: I need to lay my cards on the table. IMHO Protestantism is a demonic deception. It is founded on the philosophy of the medieval via moderna and not in any way on the […]

Dave Armstrong’s Short Response

   Yesterday I reviewed some clips from an interview done by Dave Armstrong. I noted some of his amazing statements, and in particular, I found quite humorous his very inflated sense of importance in basically vanquishing the entire Protestant world from the field of battle. No one can respond to Dave Armstrong! Well, I knew Dave […]

Dave Armstrong: Hey, Look At Me! I’m Over Here! Hey, Guys! (Updated With DA’s “Response”)

   I was speaking in Hawaii when James Swan sent me a quote from Dave Armstrong’s blog. He was talking about how he was going to attend a Catholic apologetics seminar, but, he wouldn’t actually get to go in the room to listen to the sessions, because he can’t afford to register. He was hoping they’d […]

Dave Armstrong: The One Minute Apologist

   Dave Armstrong has a new book out (anyone who has visited his website for many months is well aware of this fact). It is titled, The One-Minute Apologist. There isn’t much new here (Armstrong is not an original thinker, he just collates what others say and repeats their arguments, normally in very inflated forms), but […]