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Sola Ecclesia Preached by Robert Sungenis, and a Response to Robert Morey, et al.

Spent an hour going over Dr. Tony Costa’s debate with Dr. Robert Sungenis on the Immaculate Conception, and Tony was kind enough to join me to discuss how Sungenis proved our accusation of sola ecclesia over and over again.  Then I spent 45 minutes responding to recent untruths presented by Dr. Robert Morey and others.  Hopefully helpful thoughts on evangelism, consistency, and grace.

Here is the YouTube link:

My Thoughts on the State of our Culture and the 2016 Election

Finally had the “talk” I’ve been mentioning for a while.  I have been asked, repeatedly, about my views on the election, voting, and all the controversy swirling around evangelicals and Donald Trump.  So, having finished up the sola scriptura series, it seemed appropriate, as I will be out of town for nearly three weeks, to “have the talk.”  About 80% of the way through the feeding PC froze solid, so we had to stop and reset. NSA?  Black helicopters?  Russian hackers working for Trump?  Or just Windoze?  Probably the latter, but who knows?  Gave me a chance to take a short break anyway!  Hope the discussion is useful.

Here is the YouTube link:

A Jumbo Mega Dividing Line—If That Makes Sense

Three sections to today’s 2 hour, 20 minute long program:  first, we responded to Jacob Prasch’s reply to last weeks Radio Free Geneva. But unlike Prasch, we played his comments not just once, but twice, carefully analyzing his entire response as a classic example of a complete abandonment of proper forms of argumentation and logic.  Very helpful for those who wish to consider how to analyze argumentation.

The second section included a complete review of a video put out by the Deen Show featuring Joshua Evans titled, “Ten Reasons Why Jesus is Not God.”  Definitely a section you will want to share with your Muslim friends.

That took us to a full two hours.  I added an “appendix,” a 20 minute response to JD Hall’s most recent unhinged Polemics Report.  I played a few clips and made a few comments.

Here is the YouTube link:

KJVO Discussion, the Pope Escapes His Handlers Again, Debate Tomorrow, the Trinitarian Controversy

Covered a WIDE range of topics today.  Started off expressing our deep condolences to Tony Bartolucci and his family in the death of his daughter Giana.  Then we discussed the debate we will be doing tomorrow at 4pm with representatives of the Hebrew Israelite movement.  Moved from there to a discussion of Jeremiah 34:16 and Romans 13:9 and King James Onlyism.  Then we discussed the Pope escaping his handlers again and proclaiming live-in cohabitations valid marriages, and finally spent a good half an hour or more on the “Eternal Functional Subordination” controversy, spending some time reading from Reymond’s Systematic Theology as well.  A wide variety of topics, to be sure!

I mentioned some links I was going to include to K. Scott Oliphint’s discussions of the assets of the Son.  They are found here and here.

Here is the YouTube link:

Major Ministry Project Needs

About a decade ago we started the Ministry Resource List.  At first it was just an Amazon Wishlist, but eventually, to make sure Caesar was happy, we had to go a different way so as to cross all the demanded t’s and dot all the demanded i’s.  In any case, the MRL has been a vital part of my research and work, and, I’ll be honest, a massive source of encouragement.  Some folks just like to be able to do something “tangible” in assisting with projects and ministry outreaches.  We have found that often those who give through the MRL do not give otherwise.

For a while the MRL has been a hit-and-miss project due to the things I have been working on, debates I have been doing, etc.  Back when I first started studying Islam the MRL was vital in building the library that has allowed me to pursue that work for a decade now.


P45 at Acts 13:48

Today we are placing nine resources on the MRL, all associated with my new project in the field of textual criticism.  I have not been able to be nearly as specific in discussing the project as I would like, but it involves the in-depth study of one particular early papyri manuscript, 𝔓45.

[At this point I learned something to take to heart: never, ever, ever write in the WordPress edit window.  Write in a text program, then insert and edit as needed.  I wrote this entire article, hit “publish,” and from this point onward, since I had gotten all nice and fancy and had inserted the proper Fraktur “𝔓” for the papyri symbol, and super-scripted the number 45, WordPress deleted everything from that point onward—totally unrecoverable.  So I am trying to pretend that I am thankful to once again learn this rather obvious lesson for the 4,000th time!]  𝔓45 is an early third century manuscript containing fragmentary portions from the Gospels and Acts.  What is very important is that the sources from which the scribe drew differ in portions of the manuscript.  This opens a window into the available text types around the year AD 220.

I well know that the materials we are placing on the MRL are quite expensive.  Most are not available in libraries in the Phoenix area.  I could, of course, obtain their use for brief periods of time through other means, but this raises the issue we are facing: I do not believe I have the freedom to materially curtail the work Alpha and Omega is doing through the DL and conferences and debates and the like.  I need to keep the DL going, need to keep addressing a wide variety of issues, and so I need to have these resources at hand so that, when I can invest time in the project, they are there, ready to go.  Further, even once the project is completed, these resources will be vital for the continued work in defending the veracity of the NT against both secular and religious opposition.

I can only promise to seek under God’s guidance to be a good steward of these resources.  Given how the list is set up now, you can give even a small amount toward the cost of these materials, and every bit truly helps.  Thank you for considering being a part of this ministry in a very material and tangible fashion!