Road Trip Dividing Line from Texas: Special Revelation, Natural Revelation, and Some Inseparable Operations

Open Phones for Almost 90 Minutes

Answering Marcus Rogers’ Questions, 2 Thess. 2:15 and Jay Dyer

A Twitter Convo, David Bernard Podcast on the Trinity, Open Phones

California’s Totalitarianism, Then Calls on Racialism, JWs, OT Scholarship, and Much More

Pope Francis’ Inclusivism and the Little Boy Reviewed, Open Phones, Many Topics

Series to Begin Next Week, the Ebionites, and Open Phones on a 95 Minute Dividing Line

The Religion of Moloch Lives, Lizzie Schofield’s Review of G3 Debate, S&K Swings and Misses Yet Again

A Little Molinism, and a Little Oneness

Beyond Mega Length Edition of the DL: Textual Critical Topics, Islamic Topics, Response to Theodore Zachariades

Marcus Rodgers Video Reviewed, Jacob Prasch Attacks Again, ISIS Attacks the Cross

More on Simple Truthfulness and Consistency, Steve Hays Melts Down, Quick Review of Oneness Advocate Steve Ritchie

South Africa Update and Responding to Marcus Rogers on the Trinity

Presuppositionalism/Evidentialism, and then Apologetically Useful Verses

Outlasting the Gay Revolution: Michael Brown’s New Book (Plus Some Fun Interaction Toward the End on Other Important Matters)

Scripture Index for The Forgotten Trinity

Blurring the Dividing Line:The Legacy of Phillips,Craig and Dean

The Prologue of the Gospel of John


The Pre-existence of Christ In Scripture, Patristics and Creed


Jesus Christ – the Lamb of Revelation

The Trinity, the Definition of Chalcedon, and Oneness Theology

Son of God, Lord of Glory – The Biblical Doctrine of the Deity of Christ

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