Last DL for Two Weeks: Disastrous Papacy, Licona/Dillahunty Debate

A one hour quick episode on my way to the airport, heading to South Africa and London.  Discussed the evolving story of the obvious fact that Pope Francis is, well, a bit to the left of center on things, and then spent most of the time looking at the debate between Matt Dillahunty and Mike Licona, allegedly on the resurrection.  Important issues!

Here is the YouTube link:

The Advent of Moral Anarchy

It was not hard at all to put together a string of articles on the moral anarchy in Western culture today, especially on the “transgender” issue.  Touched on the conviction by a lower court of two men for daring to quote John 14:6 in public discussion in the UK.  Then talked about a few other items, including the upcoming debate on the Trinity with Mr. Ventilacion of Iglesia Ni Christo up in Rapid City, South Dakota on April 21st.  For those wondering, we kept it to an hour today!

Here is the YouTube link:

Can a Christian Lose Salvation?

In the first public, moderated debate between Alpha and Omega Ministries and Catholic Answers in over twenty years (excluding radio encounters), Catholic Answers Staff Apologist Trent Horn debates the Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, James White, on the question of whether a true Christian can lose their salvation. Going directly to the heart of the gospel itself, this debate will raise many issues relating to the issues surrounding God’s sovereignty, grace, and man’s sinfulness.