Passion Translation, Nicene Creed, and a Boatload of Anathemas

The Mormon Question and Then Open Phones

Rich Saves France; Injustice in America; Eastern Orthodoxy’s Anthropology; Two Responses to Dan McClellan

KJV Only Abuse of Numerology, Dan McClellan on NT Manuscripts

Roman Catholics Worshipping Mary on Video, Trump’s New York “Conviction,” Soteriology 101 on Election

The Changing World of Mormonism, A Few Tweets, 90 Minutes

The Emptiness of Secularist Jurists Demonstrated; Twitter Bookmarks

Pelagian Pope, Two Part Romans Utterly Refuted

Pope Francis on Conservatives, LF on Being “Good,” and Adoniram Judson’s Letter to Ann’s Father

Road Trip Radio Free Geneva–36 Hours After Surgery!

Road Trip DL: Tucker Carlson, Doug Wilson, and Pope Francis

A Sorta Radio Free Geneva from the New Rig

In Memory of Pastor Dennis, Open Lines

Jimmy Akin Debates Upcoming, then Open Phones

This Age is Passing Away: the Emptiness of Secularism, then Hebrews 10 for Resurrection Weekend

The Marathon Ends: Final Road Trip DL (for Six Weeks Anyway)

Road Trip DL: Stream Died in the Wilderness; Tuggy and Flowers Comments, More John 6.

Post Debate Road Trip Dividing Line: Flowers Debate Review

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