Responding to Rome Including a Review of Indulgentiarum Doctrina

Lots of Topics on the DL Today

A Multi-Faceted Dividing Line

What the Celebration of Perversity Tells Us, Then, Trent Horn and the Trajectory of Rome

Road Trip DL: Ministry Report, Dr. Young and a Debate, Response to Various Topics

Road Trip Dividing Line

The Pillays of South Africa, Self-Made Energy Crisis, Response to Derrick Brite

Some Insights for Home Schoolers and Whether Calvin Produced Anti-Trinitarians

Thanksgiving First Half, Tradition Over Time Second Half

Denigrating Marriage, Worldview, Converting to Rome, Compromising Sola Scriptura

Aquinas as a Commentator, Doing “Theological Exegesis” on Matthew 24:36

Open Zoom Calls Road Trip Dividing Line

A Follow-Up on the Biblical Nature of the Nicene Creed

Calvin and Sadoleto, Reformed Biblicism

Quick Commentary on YouTube Banishment, Once Again on Scriptural Sufficiency

Let God Speak: Hermeneutics

WHO Treaty then Church History Is a Bit Messy

6th Canon of Nicea, MBTS’s Triggering Book Display Examined

Let’s Talk About the Papacy with Cameron Bertuzzi

Leaked Roe, Cameron Bertuzzi and Isaiah 22

The Decline of Mormonism, John 17:5 and a Lot of Replies to Critics

John 5, 17, and Starting with Scripture as Our Only Reliable Foundation

Pluto, Finland, the Evil Regime, and Scripture and Tradition

Sola Scriptura: Do You Really Believe?

Short Follow Up on Aquinas, TR Onlyism in the OPC

Reformed Thomists?

Pale Blue Dots, Philosophy, Feser, and Mt. Carmel

Live from GBTS with Jeff Johnson and Owen Strachan

A First For the Last Day of 2021!

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