Issues Relating to Reformed Baptists

Live from GBTS with Jeff Johnson and Owen Strachan

Road Trip Before the Storm

James Dolezal’s Biblical Evidence for DDS

A First For the Last Day of 2021!

Cultic KJVOism, then a Deep Dive into Theological Method

Psalm 33 Refutation Concluded, Thoughts on Trinitarian Orthodoxy Over Time

Reviewing Reasonable Faith’s Comments

Simplicity, Molinism, and More

Aquinas Invades the Reformed Baptists, Tim Stratton Continued

The Nicene Creed is Primarily Based on Scripture

James Lindsay on John 1:1, then Calls

A Possible Source of Plato’s Natural Theology, According to Augustine

The Philosophical Genealogy of Aristotle, According to Augustine

Road Trip Two: WLC and Adam, the Baptism Debates Rage On

A Review and Refutation of Provisionist Confusion+

A Review and Refutation of Provisionist Confusion

The Grinch Comes to California, Open Phones

Lots of Topics to Finish the Week!

The Sudden Clarity of Black Racism (Louis Farrakhan), Then a Response to Jonathan McLatchie on the Noetic Effect of Sin

Pope Francis, Dan Barker, Bad Bad Twitter Man, Wilson vs. “Augustine Actual”

Jumbo Edition of the Dividing Line Despite Technical Challenges

Radio Free Geneva: Soteriology 101, God’s Glory, then the Unbelievable Panel on Theodicy and Grace

Two Refutations: Eric Mason (First Hour), Jeffrey Riddle (Last Half Hour)

Gene Kim, Steven Anderson, TRTrads—and a Word to My Fellow Reformed Believers on the Supernatural

David Allen on Romans 8 Fully Examined; Fundie Calvinists

1 John 5:7, the Comma Johanneum, Examined

A First Century Witness to Justification By Faith Followed by Open Phones

More Moore, Tim Staples Speaks Synergism, Steven Anderson and the RBs, Phone Calls, Thoughts on Growth and Change


God’s Election and Reprobation in 2 Thessalonians 2:9–14

Way Too Many Topics Today to Put in the Title! Listen Anyway!

Gene Bridges, Anthony Bradley, Greg Johnson, Michael Heiser, and Bruxy Cavey!

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