Romans 1:32 Illustrated

συνευδοκέω is a Greek term that means “to agree with, give approval to.”  It is found in the final verse of Romans 1 where Paul describes the final state of human sin, one in which mankind, knowing the just judgment of God against sin, not only still engaged in it, but “gives hearty approval” to those who join with them in their rebellion.  Sinners love company, many a preacher has said, and our society is seeing example after example of Romans 1:32 coming to fruition.  Truly, “the wicked strut about when that which is vile is honored among men” (Psalm 12:8).

This was brought to mind this morning when, having a few moments before an appointment, I did a Google search for articles about the USWNT—the US women’s team that just won the soccer World Cup.  I had seen reference made to their public “celebrations” upon returning home to the US, articles that included such terms as “drunk” and “profanity.” It only took a moment to not only discover images, videos, etc., of these women drinking like sailors and swearing a blue streak that would have made any men’s locker room blush only a few decades ago, but also showing them behaving in the most arrogant, self-centered ways possible.  As reprehensible and sad as that is, what truly struck me was something more, something new.

The articles I found were from mainstream media sources in New York—in other words, those pandering to the cultural elites.  And they all shared one thing in common:  a celebration of their behavior. Yes, they celebrated drunkenness.  They celebrated debauchery.  They celebrated dropping f-bombs like raindrops in a thunderstorm.  It’s all good, you see, because, well, they won, and they hate Trump, and they are just expressing themselves, so yeah, get drunk and swear like a sailor—it’s to be expected, accepted, and celebrated.

Only a few decades ago this kind of behavior would have been loudly condemned by everyone, those in charge of the program would have been fired, the players replaced, apologies given. But not today.  No, you see, they are women—and many of them open lesbians—so they are oppressed.  Therefore, those who are oppressed are free from the moral stigma attached to such behavior if engaged in by anyone in the oppressor classes.  Critical theory has no room for a common morality for both the oppressed and the oppressors.  Their intersectionality score gives them the right to behave like drunken kids in public—and they get to be called heroes in the process!

It was quite a reminder that those who know God’s righteous judgment against their sin suppress that knowledge by inviting others to join them in their rebellion.

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