Well, Carla came through and set up an entire CafePress page for our blog, featuring Angel Contreras’ classic artwork. So we were chatting and came up with the idea of maybe buying the sleeveless-T version, shown here, and sending it as our love-gift to Ergun Caner? I’m sure he would appreciate, and utilize, such a gift, don’t you? Definitely. That led to the whole group brain-storming on possible future Angelz caricatures, but I can’t comment on stuff like that. Angelz has this clause in his contract about secrecy and stuff, you know. Artsy types are like that. Very sensitive and all. He has flashy sneakers, too. Just thought I’d mention that.
   So anyway, if you get a Christmas present from me and it comes from our Team Apologian shop, don’t be surprised! Here she is!

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