Report on Salt Lake Missions Trip & Debates, Then the Heresy of “Black Forgiveness”

Open Phones with Pastors James and Jeff

A Ton of Important Stuff But Too Long for a Title!

De-Platformed by Dan DeWitt, the Influence of History, Receiving the Received Text

Jeff Durbin Joins James to Discuss Andy Stanley and Kwaku El

Reviewing Recent Interactions on Line, then Back to Erasmus and the Text

A Twitter Convo, David Bernard Podcast on the Trinity, Open Phones

Mormonism and the LGBTQ Movement, China’s Totalitarianism, Polight’s Confusion, Open Phones UPDATED

Romans 15:13, 1 Tim 4, Heb 7:24 and ἀπαράβατον, Church History without Racial Quotas

Gorgeous Goatskin Greek New Testaments, 3 Mormons, Open Phones

Mega Edition of the Dividing Line: Andy Stanley, 3 Mormons, and a Bit More

Church Membership, Adding “P” to LGBT, Matt Chandler & Prophecy, Open Phones

Open Borders Means Anarchy and Lawlessness, Then Open Phones on Deep Theological Topics

Isaiah 44:24 and the LDS View of God, More on the Book of Abraham, Open Phones

Tim Keller on Jesus Getting Close to You, DTS and Ephesians 5, the Book of Abraham

A Dividing Line of Clarification

James Cone Eulogized by Evangelicals, Andy Stanley Unhooks the Old Testament, Open Phones on a Ton of Interesting Topics

Micro-Aggression Worship Songs, Tweets from the MLK50 Conference, Ehrman on the Gospel Writers, Open Phones

Pelagians on Twitter, Man-Centered God at Bethel, Presuppositions in Ehrman, Open Phones

Chasing Textual Criticism into BYU, then Open Phones

Humanzees, Jordan Peterson, Parallel Gospels, and Open Phones

What Justin Martyr Actually Said, Transmission of the Text, Open Phones

G3 Debate Report, Being Fair in Dealing with the Qur’an

2 John 11 Abused by Imbalanced Calvinists, the Death of LDS President Monson, Further Response to Ijaz Ahmad

Beyond Mega Length Edition of the DL: Textual Critical Topics, Islamic Topics, Response to Theodore Zachariades

Orthodoxy, Justification, James 2, Dale Tuggy, and Jordan Hall Rebukes Rodney Howard-Browne

Ephesians 4:29-32 Applied to Christian Communication, A Hack-Job Video, and Francis’ Unorthodox Views

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