She looked into the camera and said, “I think it is just sad that we have to be here today.” She was talking about being one of more than half a million people gathered in Washington in support of “abortion rights.” Yes, I agreed: it is very sad. The march was called the “March for Women’s Lives.” Given that nearly half of those who lose their lives in the murder of unborn children are women, the title is tragically ironic. And the woman’s statement, meant to say that we should be “beyond” the debate over abortion, reminded me of the description of those who become accustomed to evil in Isaiah 5:20, who call evil good and good evil. You see, we live in a day when the humanity of the pre-born child is so clearly documented, so forcefully proven through our modern technology, that every possible excuse that could be offered has become absurd on its face. When I listen to the mindless rhetoric shoveled out by those who seek to defend this “right” I am forced to recognize again the truth that total depravity extends to the mind of mankind, so that “they became futile in their reasoning and their senseless hearts became darkened” (Romans 1:21). This is all that can possibly explain how we can have such compelling, convincing evidence of the humanity of the pre-born child and yet these image bearers seek to continue the holocaust of innocents with every fiber of their being, all the time fleeing in panic from any logical challenge to their tortured reasoning. Yes indeed, those who refuse love the truth will be caused to love a lie.

Oh God, save the little ones. Melt the hearts of stone of those who murder them. Grant repentance, we pray.

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