When I travel I try to remember to bring some extra “Precious Feet” with me to give to the pastors of the churches where I’m ministering. The Precious Feet are the international pro-life symbol, and you will note that unless I forgot to put one back on after having my suit coat pressed, I have one on my lapel when I’m dressed to speak. Well, the folks at Heritage House 76 (www.heritagehouse76.com) have come up with a whole line of pro-life stuff. I get the feeling at times that this issue has disappeared off of the cultural radar screen, and we are reaping the results today: the secular world-view that allows us to treat life so lightly, and human life in particular as nothing but the random result of purposeless chance, is behind much of what we see in the evil in our society. We cannot stop speaking out against the murder of the unborn, especially in light of the fact that science continues to prove us right with each and every exploration of our life prior to birth. Give that site a visit and don’t forget to wear your own Precious Feet. They are real conversation starters (or conversation killers if the other person is hyper-emotional, which has happened a few times!).

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