The topic for the 2011 Summer Institute at Greenville Seminary will be one that you will not want to miss. It will be so hot in South Carolina, you’ll want nothing more than to cool off inside the “new” Greenville Seminary building, as you listen to two (cool headed) speakers, address a very hot topic.

On August 1-5, Drs. Jonathan Sarfati and Joseph Pipa will address the topic of creation. Sarfati will be speaking specifically on the scientific data and Dr. Pipa will give an exegetical defense of 6 Day creation, and will offer critiques of alternative positions.

On Monday, August 1, there will be a free lecture titled “Design, Deluge, and Dilemma” by Dr. Sarfati, which will include some Q&A time. For further information click here.

Also, you do not want to miss one of the fathers of the PCA presenting a class on Southern Presbyterian Theology. Dr. Morton H. Smith will teach his Studies in Southern Presbyterian Theology (perhaps for the last time), July 25-19, 2011.

The course is popular because it covers a wide range of topics through the instrumentality of those most interesting and sometimes controversial Southern Presbyterians. Who can resist hearing about Leighton Wilson, the great missionary statesman, or John Girardeau, the Chalmers-like churchman, theologian and pastor to slaves? And, of course, the class features “the great man of the South,” James Henley Thornwell. The course will also include Archibald Alexander, John Holt Rice, Robert L. Dabney of Virginia, Benjamin M. Palmer, Robert Webb of Kentucky and many more.

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