This one hits close to home. This amazing picture is of a drunk slamming into a group of cyclists in a race in Mexico on June 1 (ht: SillyBrit2). You can see bodies flying through the air, a helmet, bikes, parts of bikes—one man, 37, was killed, ten others were injured. The driver? Drunk, fell asleep at the wheel. By the time cops arrived some bystanders were trying to lynch the driver.
   I have ridden in many such races, El Tour de Tucson, El Tour de Phoenix—one of my favorites used to be El Tour de Farm! That was a great race out in the East Valley. And anytime you go out on the streets, whether on a bicycle, or on a motorcycle, you always know that there are people like this man out there, too. Maybe they hide behind the “hey, it’s my life, I can get drunk all I want behind closed doors!” defense. I don’t know, and I don’t care. When you live in a society, that kind of behavior, that kind of immorality, impacts us all, sometimes gravely. As fewer and fewer in society feel any sense of createdness, and hence any sense of the Creator, so that law is simply what “the politicians say it is,” this kind of behavior will only increase in regularity.

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