A while back I mentioned that Solid Ground had published a hardback edition of Fairbairn’s 1858 work, Opening Scripture. Fairbairn was a leading Scottish Presbyterian in the mid-19th century, and this work provides a wide-range of exegetical discussions on important issues. We have the hardbacks in now, and, Solid Ground has done a run of softbacks as well. I’d recommend the hardback (it is a book you will want on your shelf), but if the price is an issue, the softback will work for you just as well. We have them both on the shelf right now.
One of the enjoyable things about reading material from that period is you are not having to constantly battle with the presence of skepticism, unbelief, and hesitation of affirmation. Sometimes it is nice to get away from the context of unbelief that marks so much of our modern age (and even modern theological writing) and sit with the greats of a past age in the context of faith. It is quite refreshing.
Now, you will notice, I am recommending a book that contains, as one example, a very Presbyterian discussion of baptizw, with which I would take exception. That’s called allowing for differences, even important differences, and still learning from godly men who do not agree on every jot and tittle.

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