In the course of seeking to honor God through the accurate handling of His truth and through the defense of the faith, one at times steps on toes you didn’t even know were exposed. Such is the case of late. I began a short series of articles replying to just a few pages of Mark Seifrid’s book, Christ, our Righteousness, and now the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary of Louisville, Kentucky has produced an entire response, one that alleges that I have misunderstood and misrepresented Seifrid. And while scholars of the rank of Robert Gundry and John Piper have likewise understood Seifrid just as I have, evidently this little blog addresses a more relevant audience than their published books do, hence bringing this statement.

I have provided a reply, not because I relish engaging Southern Seminary over the issue, but simply because the issue is too important to allow confusion to reign and questions to be unanswered. Southern’s statement does not answer the important questions. Not a single one of Seifrid’s troubling statements in his published works are quoted or explained. The great doctrine of the imputation of Christ’s righteousness to His people is not served by allowing these questions to go unanswered.

I have reproduced the entire text of the statement in the body of my reply. As of this writing, the statement itself has not been linked to a main index page of Southern’s website. I was going to wait until it was linked, or the search engines picked it up, but the link has been discovered by enterprising young minds that figured trying something as basic as Dr. Seifrid’s name at the end of the URL might bring something up. It did, and the link immediately began circulating.

It is my true and heart-felt prayer that my reply will bring clarity to the issue.

Update 12/30/2014: This review eventually became a major series of posts. For those interested in reading the entire series in order I post the links below. RP

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