It has been over seven months since I posted this video asking Norman Geisler honest, important questions about the defense he has made of Ergun Caner’s fallacious claims. Seven long months of silence, seven long months of cover-up on the part of the Provost of Veritas Seminary (reminder: “veritas” means “truth” in Latin). The fully refuted, and often sadly shallow excuses offered up by Ergun Caner and posted by Norman Geisler (still found here as of this posting) remain a sad commentary on the depth to which some will go to cover up misdeeds on the part of those “in power.” The current spate of angry and vile (let alone loony and dishonest) attack being hosted by Peter Lumpkins seems to be related in large part to vengeance over the exposure of Ergun Caner. It is a sad comment on the state of the church that speaking the truth can be so costly! In any case, I am still waiting for Norman Geisler to answer these questions. You and I both know he is fully aware of this video, and the questions. He does not answer, for he cannot answer. Honest believers who are concerned about the integrity of apologetic ministry will not allow such falsehoods to go unchallenged, nor will we tire of calling for repentance and restoration on the part of those involved. Remember, the prophetic ministry of men like Isaiah and Jeremiah lasted for years, during which time many even of their friends tired of their message.

Hadith 2425, Dr. Geisler. We are waiting.

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