A few days ago I was rummaging around through some old video tapes and found one marked “SLC Street Preachers.” It contains 34 minutes of video from the second year the SSC was in Salt Lake, including the infamous “I Love Gail Kiplinger!” portion I played on the DL when we got back. As I listened to it I was reminded of just how grossly dishonest these men are. They have no problems lying through their teeth. It is shocking, but, it shouldn’t be. In any case, they love claiming they have all sorts of converts from their “preaching.” Here you catch Lonnie not only claiming about people getting “saved” at the last Conference (remember his claims last weekend on the video I posted?), but as a good, credentialed Ruckmanite, he plainly asserts that God’s power is so limited, so feeble, that God can’t save a Mormon through the instrumentality of an English translation such as the NIV (Lonnie seems utterly clueless that I use the NASB). In any case, you get a good taste of the cultic nature of the SSC in this short clip:

   Once again, if you know anyone in churches that support this kind of activity, attempt to reason with them. If they are Ruckmanites, you will probably fail, as reasoning rarely works in that context, but if they have any common sense, any concept of biblical norms, they should be shocked at the behavior of these men.

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